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India has a net of 9.6 Million students that will enroll in distance education by the end of 2021. Still, the distance education sector in India is unorganized and students face a lot of difficulties in getting information on it. Vidya Planet aims to tackle the current difficulties of students. Vidya Planet is India's first online platform that brings you all the distance universities at a single platform. Vidya Planet provides unbiased information about every distance course and the university providing this course. The online portal of Vidya Planet is aimed to complete information to the students about every aspect of distance education without being biased. Vidya Planet gives the power to the students to get the best universities in distance education. Vidya Planet's compare feature gives the comparison of every distance university on the various parameters such as E-learning system, EMI, Faculties, and fees.

Vidya Planet is dedicated to bringing distance education to every corner of India such that no student refrains from formal education. Distance Education/Online Education in the current time is a vast pool of opportunities but at the same time presents its own set of Challenges- such as Lack of proper guidance & Support. There are numerous education counselors in the industry who just make you enter a program in a University or College with whom they have tie-ups, for commission.

All of this caused an air of mistrust and reluctance among the students who wished to pursue their education through distance learning courses. We at Vidya Planet identified this problem and decided to tackle it with our 100% Unbiased & Free Distance education Portal to provide you with the right guidance and information empowering you to make an informed decision about your future.

We go by the feedback and reviews of real students combined with the knowledge of our team of Education Counselors and Industry Experts with over a decade of experience in Distance Education.

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