Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of distance education?

The objective of correspondence courses is to provide education facilities to all qualified and willing persons who are unable to join regular university and other courses due to various reasons. For them, there is an incessant search for an alternative system and that system is distance education.

Is distance education equal to regular?

TIt said the degrees of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institutions registered under the erstwhile Distance Education Council (DEC) or the commission, in conformity with UGC Notification on Specification of Degrees, should be treated as equivalent to the corresponding awards of the Degree or Diploma.

Is distance graduation valid?

The answer is yes! Distance education too involves a study material of a university curriculum, examinations governed by the universities themselves.

What are the advantages of distance education?

Advantages of Distance Learning Greater Flexibility. ... No commuting. ... Significant Cost Savings. ... Convenient Learning. ... Lack of Social Interaction. ... High Chances of Distraction. ... Complicated Technology. ... Questionable Credibility of Online Degrees.

What are the types of distance education?

Distance learning began in India to bring education to those who could not afford to attend regular classes in conventional universities or colleges. Over the years, people have used various terms to refer to distance education - correspondence education, independent study, distributed learning, flexible learning, open learning and now with the introduction of technology into distance education, newer terms are cropping up - online learning, e-learning, computer-based training (CBT), Internet-based training (IBT) or web-based training (WBT). Distance education is learning through technical media (printed material, audio material, video material, digital material) when there is a separation or distance between the teacher and the learner.

Why is distance learning the best?

Distance learning and remote working have one big thing in common — there's no commute. That means you save on gas money and also don't have to constantly worry about a school bus arriving on time and in one piece. It also gives you a little leeway every morning.

Is a distance education degree as valid as a regular degree?

Yes, BUT here’s the important thing - not all of them are. (I assume you’re asking this question to check about future academics as well as government and private sector job opportunities.) The United Grants Commission (UGC) has authorised some universities in the country to offer fully online degrees and these degrees are recognised at par with regular on-campus ones. You have to do a course from an institute that is accredited, that has a history of academic prowess and a good alumni network. If you tick all these boxes, then you know that your online degree is as good as any other.

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