How Vidya Planet came in Existence

The conventional ways of learning have been bidded goodbye long ago. Now people have new and different domains of studies and careers, they want to do multiple things at a time and see the desired results according to what the industry has been demanding. If you are preparing for an exam, want to work in parallel to your studies, can’t afford higher education or just not willing to attend regular college due to personal occupancies, then distance education is the answer for you.

Now the question is where would you find your perfect course? Which college is the best for you?

With the increasing inclination towards web-based methods of learning and correspondence/distance way of education, Vidya Planet has launched an online platform that offers a one-stop solution if you’re looking for a distance learning program. Here we have a long list of programs and colleges offering distance methods of learning. Established in 2019, Vidya Planet has been continuously making efforts with their highly experienced education counsellors to spread education beyond the geographical boundaries. Nothing shall stop knowledge from seeking it. No matter what you do otherwise, you can always level up your qualifications, skills and knowledge by enrolling yourself in a distance program today.

Distance Education Vision



To empower students with a gateway to knowledge and education.



To provide the best online education portal for an interactive user interface and helping students find the right route to distance education.

Distance Education Mission

How Vidya Planet Helps?

University Selection
Combine your distance university syllabus with skill-based courses.

Skill Development
Brows the best university in the distance learning

Career Support
Assign experienced counselling team for placement and career support.

Direct to university
All admission procedures happen directly with universities.

Vidya Planet Advantages

  • Help you find the right University and course for your distance learning journey.
  • The counsellors at Vidya Planet help you ease the admission process.
  • Provides career guidance by the best mentors.
  • Get the latest admission news and stay up to date through the Vidya Planet newsletter.
  • Provides you with relevant and critical college reviews, to help you find the right choice.

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Vidya Planet Distance Education Advantages

How Vidya Planet Mentors Help

Experienced Distance Learning Counsellors

  • Which university to select?
  • What is the value of the distance degree?
  • Which specialisation to select?
  • How much salary hike you can expect?
  • What is the career opportunities available to distance learning courses?

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